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António Parreira: “Guitarra Portuguesa por António, Paulo e Ricardo Parreira” é editado a 11 de Março

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The Portuguese guitar master António Parreira is recording again, almost 40 years after his legendary "Guitarras de Portugal”.
In the brand new “Guitarra Portuguesa por António Parreira, Paulo Parreira e Ricardo Parreira”, António Parreira shares the limelight with his sons, Paulo and Ricardo, who learned from their father and are now also major Lisbon guitar figures. "Guitarra Portuguesa por..." is a record of pure "guitarradas", traditional and original, and entirely unique among the fado releases of recent decados.
In contrast to the usual practice in other musical genres - the flamenco guitar in Andalusia, the sitar in India, and the kora of the griots in West Africa, it is rare in Portuguese guitar for fathers, sons, and grandsons to practise the same art and profession across several generations. Similarly, despite the importance of a unique instrument like the Portuguese guitar in this distinctive Portuguese musical genre, in the fado world it is very rare to find records that give pre-eminence to the guitar and place it at the listener's centre of attention, with no voices or other instruments to distract us from its timbric, sensory, and emotional essence.
“Guitarra Portuguesa por António Parreira, Paulo Parreira e Ricardo Parreira” brings together these elements, among others. It is a record that only has space for the Parreira's Portuguese guitars and their accompanists' fado guitars and basses.
It is a record that conveys the power and truth behind this passing of legacy,of knowledge, from father to sons over many years. Also, and importantly, it is a record that pays homage to the guitar and many of those who composed for this instrument, both as accompaniment to fado artists or as a solo instrument. It features composers such as António Parreira himself - creator of many of the themes present here - and of traditional Lisbon fado, such as Manuel Marques, Jaime Santos, Domingos Camarinha, Armandinho Fontes Rocha, José Nunes, and Francisco Carvalhinho, with and added detour to Coimbra, via Artur Paredes.
With a fado carrer spanning more than 45 years as a guitarist, composer, teacher (dozens of aspiring guitarists have benefited from his tutelage), accompanist to Rodrigo, António Mourão, Amália Rodrigues, Alfredo Marceneiro, Carlos do Carmo, Maria Valejo, Tristão da Silva and Camané, the new album by António Parreira and his sons is a rare and genuine declaration of love for fado and the Portuguese guitar.  
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