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José Manuel Neto

banner newsletter José Manuel Neto started playing Portuguese guitar at the age of 15 and stands out as one of the most sought after instrumentalists in fado. Accompanying fadistas live and in the recording studio. He is the son of fado singer Deolinda Maria. In the 1990`s, he began his career by accompanying several artists in the fado houses. José Manuel Neto has performed and recorded with the most well know artist  in fado,  such as Carlos do Carmo, Camané, Mariza, Ana Moura, Aldina Duarte, Cristina Branco or Mísia. In 2004, the “Casa da Imprensa” handed him the "Francisco Carvalhinho Prize", awarded to the best instrumentalist. The Amália Rodrigues Foundation distinguished him in 2008 with the "Best Instrumentalist Award", recognizing him as one of the great exponents of the Portuguese Guitar interpretation. In 2009, he presented his first solo show, "O Som da Saudade". In 2013, José was among the performers of the 3rd annual Fado Festival in Madrid. An event of great importance for fado in Spain. 2016 was the year that brought the debut of his first album, "Tons de Lisboa" To promote the album, José play sold out shows in Lisbon (CCB), Porto (Caixa Ribeira), Tavira, Mafra, and in Paris.