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Ricardo Parreira

Ricardo Parreira is a young Portuguese guitar soloist. He was born in Paço de Arcos, within a family that was deeply connected to the Portuguese guitar. His father is António Parreira and his brother is Paulo Parreira. Both are renowned instrumentalists. At the age of 25, he has had quite an eclectic career, both in fado and in the Portuguese music industry. A gathering of sounds that reflect the soul and spirit of a musical genre that brings time to a halt, because the music we're about to listen to is timeless, and that is why this journey is just... "Until dawn". When he was 13, he performed for the first time with Argentina Santos, a fado singer, and was immediately invited to give a solo performance in the Porto de Fado festival, one of the events comprising Porto 2001, European Capital of Culture. His main influences are split between Lisbon's greatest guitar players, from Armandinho to José Nunes via Francisco Carvalhinho and Jaime Santos, and, in a more universal genre, Artur and Carlos Paredes, Pedro Caldeira Cabral and, more recently, Ricardo Rocha. His discography contains two albums: Nas Veias de Uma Guitarra (2007), a tribute to the greatest Portuguese guitarist - the master Fernando Alvim - the only one who managed to perform with Carlos Paredes over the course of a lifetime. And in this case, the selected repertoire would include not only a series of tunes by composers with whom the guitarist had played but also an appearance by the master himself, who, at the age of 72, plays alongside Ricardo on this album, which critics and opinion makers have regarded as one of the most important documents of the greatest composers in the history of the Portuguese guitar over the last few years. By 2010, he had already embarked on an experimental phase and released Cancionário, an approach to traditional and popular Portuguese music. Taking charge of the production of the album, he invited Yami (acoustic bass), Joaquim Teles (percussion), Micaela Vaz and Vânia Conde (vocals), as well as Marco Oliveira (classical guitar and vocals), who also served as musical director. This album was presented live for the first time in Casa da Música's grand auditorium and later on in the Praça de Armas in Castelo de São Jorge, as part of the 2010 Festa do Fado. On Cancionário, Ricardo Pereira reveals his talent once again, not only as an instrumentalist but also as a composer.